King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia
Laurent Condat

Research Scientist

Visual Computing Center
Building 1 (West), Office 2118








Selected recent talks

Sept. 2022. Contributed talk at the 4th IMA Conference on The Mathematical Challenges of Big Data, Oxford, UK, entitled "Communication-efficient distributed optimization algorithms": PDF

Feb. 2022. Seminar at MBZUAI, Abu Dhabi, entitled "Proximal Algorithms for Large-scale Convex Nonsmooth Optimization": PDF (modified)

May 2021. Seminar in the Federated Learning One World (FLOW) Seminar (international seminar series, virtual), presenting our ICML 2020 paper "From Local SGD to Local Fixed-Point Methods for Federated Learning": PDF  Video

Dec. 2020. Spotlight talk at the Neurips Workshop on Optimization for Machine Learning (OPT), presenting our paper "Distributed Proximal Splitting Algorithms with Rates and Acceleration": PDF

Dec. 2019. CS graduate seminar at KAUST, entitled "Proximal Splitting Methods for Convex Optimization: An Introduction": PDF

July 2019. Invited talk at the conference AIP 2019, entitled "Lifting based convex approaches to labeling problems": PDF

July 2019. Talk at the workshop SPARS 2019, entitled "Optimal transport of measures in frequency domain": PDF